• #ReleaseFriyayAugust 19th, 2018

    „Look how you found me
    Searching for messages from you.“ Sabrina Claudio – Messages From Her
    Top 3 Songs:
    Voll der Fan von „Das Paradies“.

  • AM STRAND.August 19th, 2018

    „Travelling places I ain’t seen you in ages.
    But I hope you come back to me.“ Honne – Location Unknown
    Gerade war ich noch beruflich im winterlichen Südafrika, bei max. 15 Grad.

  • #ReleaseFriyayJuni 18th, 2018

    „Yesterday I told you I was down,
    a stupid thing to tell you when I feel just fine.“ Aquilo – Six Feet Over Ground
    Top 3 Songs:
    Dazu will und kann ich nichts sagen.